Automatic Feeder for PnP machines

An automatic feeder for pick and place machines (PnP), cheap and easy to build. 3D printed parts

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Feeder features:

Fully automatic, small electronic board included
Plug and play, plug on 30×30 extruded aluminum (spring connector over bus PCB, no wires)
12 mm clearance for embossed tapes
8, 12, 16, 24 widths supported, keep the body, change only the tap
14.9 mm width for 8mm tape (add delta width for others)
Tape can be moved manually forward and backward
4mm step feed only
+- 2 components per second (4mm pitch)
Fully 3D printable, PLA
Material cost: 15.50€ to 19.00€ (quantity dependent)
Printing time: +- 4h
Mounting time 15 min + time for assembling the small electronic board
Taps screwed on the body, brass insert in the body


I bought a NEODEN 4 PnP machine a few years ago. The mechanics of this machine is reliable, fast and precise.
The bads: Software, WinXP, documentation, crashes, feeders and support.
After producing several batch of small series electronic boards, I arrived at the conclusion that this machine cost me too much money in man-hours. I decided to replace the bad: feeders, software and electronic (not the motors drivers) by the goods: custom made DIY feeder, OpenPnP and custom electronic board.
This feeder is the first part of the work in progress.



All source files (snapshot at V2.1) to build the feeder

Zip Archive - 2.96 MB - 08/04/2020 at 08:35


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