The new revolutionary CoolMOS SPP17N80C3 power transistor is an extremely high peak current capable component used in electronic power switching circuits. The high bulk DC voltage and other various engineering gadgets electronic devices used SPP17N80C3 for the ultra-fast switching power applications. 

utsource SPP17N80C3 Power Transistor 

Ultra-gate low charge and high saturation over load voltage requirement for the gadgets during the short circuit and reverse feedback transfer is handled very easily with the internal diode fabrication and designed module. It also offers high current peak capability for the ultra-high voltage required for the electronic gadgets and devices in engineering commercial and industrial applications. 

Key Features of SPP17N80C3: 

  1. It is a revolutionary new technology 
  2. High differential and integral properties 
  3. The current peak capability is also high 
  4. The gate charge offered is low 
  5. Low ultra-effective capacitance charge requirements 

Pinout configuration and layout overview of SPP17N80C3: 

The pinout configuration and layout of the SPP17N80C3 is shown in the figure below with three terminal pin specifications gate, source and drain. 

SPP17N80C3 Layout 

The pinning information of SPP17N80C3 with gate, source and drain is listed as follows 

SPP17N80C3 Pinout 

Pin number 

Pin name 

Pin description 

Pin 1 

Gate pin 

The gate of power transistor is high potential charge flow 

Pin 2

Drain pin

Drain is the input pin of transistor 

Pin 3

Source pin 

Source is charge flow regulation pin 

So this is the basic pinning information of SPP17N80C3 with different terminal specifications and layout characteristics

Applications of SPP17N80C3: 

As shown in the figure below it is used DC bulk power voltage electronic devices. In addition to the DC bulk voltage application it is also used in clamping and other electronic derives for the simulation and high voltage modulation 

SPP17N80C3 DC Bulk power voltage 

  1. Used in industrial application and DC bulk voltage 
  2. Switching applications
  3. Active clamp forward voltage specifications 

SPP17N80C3 Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to get SPP17N80C3 then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of SPP17N80C3 which shows same electrical, thermal, properties as that of SPP17N80C3. 

So the replacement of SPP17N80C3 is 17N80C3

Equivalent Part Number of SPP17N80C3: 

The equivalent part number of SPP17N80C3 is 17N80C3


The integrated electronic transistor CoolMOS revolutionary latest technology product is used in wide range of complex and simple electronic and electrical components from basic clamping circuit to bulk DC voltage regulation electronic circuits. It shows good stabilization and advancement in power switching circuits also.