NOKIA5110 LCD ASCII text library

Library for Nokia 5110 LCD (PCD8544 controller) for the Arduino eco-system

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* Name : NOKIA5110_TEXT
* Title : Library for Nokia 5110 LCD (PCD8544 controller) for the Arduino eco-system
* Description :

1. Arduino library.
2. Inverse, Bias and contrast control.
3. ASCII strings and character text display.
4. Eight different ASCII text fonts.
5. Sleep mode.
6. Designed to be light weight, low memory footprint. see memory section.
7. Custom characters and bitmap supported
8. No graphics buffer to reduce memory footprint but
basic graphics can be created using custom characters, pixels, block patterns , lines.

* Arduino IDE: 1.8.5
* Tested: UNO and NANO v3.

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JenyJoe wrote 09/10/2022 at 12:49 point

The NOKIA5110 LCD ASCII text library is an extension of the NOKIA5110 LCD ANSI library. It provides a way to use the characters on the Nokia 5110 LCD as part of your application's user interface.The library provides functions for reading the characters in each row, processing the rows into individual character pixels, and writing them back out to the screen through that you can also know what is the role of academic writing and how it Improves knowledge what we can use in our daily life.

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