Fan Controller / Synchronizer

A little fan controller to synchronize your computer fans

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This little fan controller is unlike the others.

When you connect some fans, you will find that they spin at exactly the same speed, and that their blades are perfectly aligned - even at 5000RPM! This improves the noise of your computer build a lot, because these annoying wah-wah-wah-wah-... interferences will turn into a smooth and steady wooooosh.

And, even better - it has an output to which LEDs can be connected. They will be driven by a controller-generated signal; and when shone at your fans, this will give them a TimeFreeze effect, making them appear to rotate extremely slow!

This makes the circuit board a very cool accessoire for your next (or even current!) computer build. Well, i mean, if silence or looks matter to you.

I AM PLANNING TO SELL THESE! Let me know which features you might like and if you are interested.



-For up to 3 computer fans

-Accepts standard 3-pin or 4-pin (PWM) DC fans
    Up to 1 Amp for 4-pin
    Up to 0.3Amp for 3-pin

-Can be directly plugged into a 4-pin fan connector on your mainboard

   This supplies power, while also allowing for communication between mainboard and fan controller.

-With the new TimeFreeze LED effect



-Casemodding: It adds a cool visual effect to your fans, making them appear to spin reeeallly slowly.

-Silencing: Beating frequencies/interference between fans can be eliminiated. This makes the noise much more pleasant. 

Compare this for yourself:

Without synchronization:

With synchronization:

(Both tested with 50mm fans at 3400 RPM)

-Fan signal adapter: It generates three ouputs from a single mainboard connector. 

-Allows for regulation of 3-pin fans over a 4-pin mainboard output!


Reccomended operating conditions:

-Up to 3 standard computer fans of the same kind

-The TimeFreeze effect will shut off below a certain RPM limit. This limit is given by RPM=3600/<Number of fan blades>. Make sure to stay above!

Example: For a 9-bladed fan, the minimum RPM will be 3600/9 = 400 RPM.

-For fans which don't have to change their speed very often - case fans, watercooling radiator fans, etc. 


Asynchronous fans - synchonization not enabled

x-m4a - 142.81 kB - 08/06/2020 at 09:37



Synchronous fans

x-m4a - 123.78 kB - 08/06/2020 at 09:37


  • 4-pin to 3-pin Fan Adapter

    t.oster9208/07/2020 at 10:48 0 comments

    I decided to upload some parts of my schematics which might be useful for diy projects. 

    Simplified schematic of a 4-pin (PWM) to 3-pin Adapter:

    For Q4 and Q6, i used a double transistor (MBT3904). It should work with discrete transistors aswell.

    M4 might need to be attached to some kind of heatsink, depending on how much current your fan will draw. 
    The circuit itself is a simplified Low-Dropout-Regulator (LDO). It may not be the cheapest solution to do it this way, but i just liked to have a solution that can be built with discrete components. 

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