Adapting the PAN1780 Headers to Arduino Uno R3 Headers

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parasquidparasquid 10/18/2020 at 08:350 Comments

I'm doing a roadtest of the PAN1780 Evaluation Kit over at element14 and I thought that I'd copypasta over my oneoffs there here as well.

The PAN1780 doesn't have Arduino Uno R3 compatible headers, which is a shame because a lot of breakout boards are in the Arduino Uno R3 form factor, and it would have been nice to make use of them.

So I thought maybe I can try and make an adapter using one of the prototyping shields I already have?

So with a bit of soldering, cross referencing, and wire wrapping I was able to make use of almost all the pins in the PAN1780 and map it to corresponding Arduino pins.

Some notes: