The peripheral interface adapter (PIA) EF68B21P is an extremely reliable and compatible microprocessor. The device is capable of interfacing the MPU other operational functions with 8-bit bidirectional data buses transmission system. The external logic is required for the interfacing in most of the devices. The working operation and functional configuration of PIA is very well programmed with MPU based system during the initialisation of data lines transmission system and automation technology. 

Utsource EF68B21P Integrated Circuit chip

The programmed input and output of EF68B21P serves all modes of data transmission with the functional and working operation of power technology and instrumentation. The several control modes power unit and data bus transmission is carried with single interface automated technology. 

Key Features of EF68B21P: 

  1. Two programmable data direction registers 
  2. Individually controlled and interrupted pins 
  3. 8-but bi-directional control pin output system 
  4. handshake control logic system 
  5. High impedance and three state automation technology 
  6. It is TTL compatible 
  7. The operation of the system is static and well performing at high load voltage regulation 
  8. Interruption disable capacity 

Pinout configuration and layout of EF68B21P: 

The pinout configuration and layout of EF68B21P is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specifications

EF68B21P pinning information and configuration 

This is the basic pinning information and specifications of EF68B21P with respect to differential terminal operation and layout configuration. 

Applications of EF68B21P: 

As shown in the figure below it uses the adapter base power outfit bi-directional automation electronic system. In addition to this it is also used in wide range of power application and switching circuits 

EF68B21P bi-directional system 

  1. Power switching circuits 
  2. Bi-directional adaption technology 
  3. PIA programmable input automation 
  4. Logical operations in electronic circuits etc. 

EF68B21P Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to find the processor EF68B21P then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of EF68B21P which shows similar functional, thermal and electrical properties, 

The replacement of EF68B21P is 68B21P

You can use 68B21P if you are not getting EF68B21P because it shows similar properties with directional configuration and automation to EF68B21P. 

Equivalent part number of EF68B21P: 

The equivalent part number of EF68B21P is EF68B21PV


The integrated circuit chip EF68B21P microprocessor is used in a wide range of power application switching circuits in addition to the quality bi-directional automation and switching electronic circuits. The logical and micro processing inputs and outputs of the circuit is very useful for fast power switching and data transmission.