Let's start with intention. That's always a good place to start. The intention of this project is to do something unique for a motorcycle customization project...while also not costing an arm and a leg, using techniques and equipment that I've got on my workbench/in my garage. But also to tear apart something to learn more about how it works (because I am a visual/physical kinda guy) and put it back together.

The intention of this post is three-fold: To serve as a bit of reference for why I made the decisions I made, because I know I am going to second guess myself later on, and it'll be good to have a record. To share a project with people that might like to see the masochism of a project like this. And, most importantly, because my wife is pregnant, and I want to be able to share this with my son.

I started this project in earnest around April of this year. Step one: Make space.