Message to hackaday and A replacement in a part

A project log for mutantC v3 - modular and powerful handheld PC

A Raspberry pi UMPC. An open platform device to use and fit your project .It is fully open-source hardware. So you can hack it as you wish

rahmanshaberrahmanshaber 10/25/2020 at 02:480 Comments

Hi, My project is a small one and easy one. Even though hackaday covered v1 and v3 and got attention but i don't know why it did not covered v3 yet. V3 is the finest among other two and more easy to build. I hope hackaday will cover it in their blogs and let people know about it.


An update on headers, use this headers, 2.54mm pitch x 5mm height female headers instead of old size one.

i can't find that header in the amazon or aliexpress. fond this but they are smd part. if you find the part in through hole then let me know here.( I got mine from local shop)