Some updates on power and dock connector

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rahmanshaberrahmanshaber 01/24/2021 at 09:210 Comments

I am thinking to use the module called MH-CD42 to replace the 2 module i am using for power.

Контроллер заряда разряда MH-CD42 Li-ion аккумуляторов 5V 2A купить в  Киеве, Виннице. В наличии.

i am thinking to use a USB C connector to replace the docking connector. THe only problem i am seeing is soldering and able to send tx/rx and i2c pins, as usb c have 4 pairs of pins, 1 pair for power, 1 for data, 1 pair cc and 1 pair for sbu. as cc used for Power delivery things so that pair can't be used.

What you guys think? any input is welcome.