AN28F010-120 is an automated CMOS flash memory. It is a highly cost effective, reliable and very easy replacement and alternative for the read/write accessible random memory allocation with the help of address registers. The electrical properties of AN28F010-120 ensure familiar programming for test socket PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) broad allocation. AN28F010-120 increases board flexibly with compatible design while saving the cost of fabrication and contributing to effective data transmission. 

Utsource AN28F010-120 Electronic circuit chip 

The extended erase programming and cycling capability of AN28F010-120 process high technology growth automated transmission. The advanced structured microprocessor and microcontroller provided good stress for the functional operation of electronic systems. The highest degree latch-up protection is achieved with EPI microprocessor and stressed data pins. AN28F010-120 works in the rigorous environmental requirements and automotive applications. 

Key Features of AN28F010-120: 

  1. Program and erase stop timer integrated circuit 
  2. Write protection electronic automation 
  3. Bus operations read and write 
  4. Intelligent identifier electronic system 
  5. Command definition circuit operation 

Pinout configuration and pining information of AN28F010-120: 

The basic pinout configuration and pinning information of the circuit chip AN28F010-120 is in the figure below with respective terminal configuration and layout specifications. 

AN28F010-120 block diagram operation

The pinning information of the chip AN28F010-120 is listed as follows 

AN28F010-120 Pinout configuration 

Pin number 

Pin name 

Pin description 


Input pin 

It is the address pin inputs of AN28F010-120


Input/output pin

The data input and output pins of AN28F010-120


Input pin

Chip enable circuit modulation 


Input pin

Output enable gate device circuit simulation 


Input pin

Write enable controls the register entry and memory allocation 


Erase program power supply for the writing and commanding the signal 


Device power supply pin 


Ground pin 


Not connected Pin of the IC 

So this is the basic pinning information of the AN28F010-120 Integrated circuit chip. 

Applications of AN28F010-120: 

As shown in the figure below it is used in the stop timer power electrical fast switching electronic circuits. 

AN28F010-120 stop timer circuit application

  1. Automotive temperature sensing electronic device 
  2. Quick pulse program algorithm electronic circuit 
  3. Noise immunity featured electronic automation 
  4. Memory allocation devices 

AN28F010-120 price Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to find the integrated electronic chip AN28F010-120 then you can also find the replacement, substitute or an alternative of it which shows similar functional and thermal specifications. 

The replacement of AN28F010-120 is AN28F010-124

Equivalent part number of AN28F010-120: 

The equivalent part number of AN28F010-120 is AN28F010-124


The integrated power electronic circuit chip module AN28F010-120 is used for the wide range of storage and power switching circuits, like timer, stop timer, ON/OFF and other variable state allocation memory devices.