That to print layers....

A project log for Metal 3D-printer based on induction heating...

Project of metal 3D-printer for printing unique metal parts, by using welding wire, induction heating and other physics)))

Sergey R.Sergey R. 08/14/2020 at 20:170 Comments

Main problem that to give a lot print layers is microfluidic problem inside an nozzle. That to solve it me need try several another variants of nozzles which has another sizes and even shape, but if i change size of nozze it cause use termal isolator (from ceramic) with another sizes and custom shape. All it expencive for me (i'm student) and all i manufacture it on foreign fabrics... .

If you think that project is perspective, You can do donate.

Pay attention to the fact that this project while isn't open-source...

In the near future I will make a detailed financial estimate that to continue the project. In a rough approximation, this 5000 - 8 000$ (that to give print layers and how, therefore, the first test prints of detals ).