Back from the mainland

A project log for Daisy Kite Airborne Wind Turbine

Ram air kites spin a parachute and transfer torque to ground

Roddy Roddy "Rags" Read 08/18/2014 at 13:530 Comments

Thank goodness, I'm back to the windy Isle of Lewis. I attended Leominster kite festival with Daisy... luckily I also brought a poly bag, some tiny carbon rods, some thread and tape to make a lightwind sled kite for the kids...

 It was really calm by my standards... But I learned that my Daisy architecture is still overly heavy. I can cut down on the brutal over design.. I can also look back and wonder how on earth that home sewing machine did what it did... loads of WD40.

The kite travls really well folded into a rubble sack. An old kids umbrella cover and a bit of bungee make a good cover for the wheel... This helps to stop lines snagging a lot.