Quantity   Component name
1 × bike wheel MTB hub and brake... moving onto a pancake generator hub soon
1 × Lifting kite You may want to consider Mothra designs see KPower kites in Texas for that. I've used a powersled joker 36. Configured in a variety of ways to lift the rotary set
3 × Driving Kites Ram Air kites sewn onto a drogue ring
1 × Drogue parachute You may be able to repurpouse an old one... I made mine
1 × Rollerblade wheel the bearing set is strong enough to lift the back of the drogue up
2 × Strimmer shaft handles Bolted to square section bar
1 × Square section bar about shoulder width long mount the wheel hub and brake and handles on here
1 × Dacron for tough leading edge sleeves
1 × rip stop nylon print out the panels guide sheets so you can draw on your seams and cut with the solder tip
1 × kite lines various length kite line