GPS Module Integration

A project log for Raspberry Pi SDR Cyberdeck

A portable, rugged, self-contained system to suit all your RF SIGINT needs in every environment.

Tom MladenovTom Mladenov 08/14/2020 at 19:270 Comments

Bench tests indicated an active GPS antenna placed under the top of the Cyberdeck acquired plenty of satellites with good signal strength, hence the next step was an internal GPS module.

The active patch antenna and corresponding NEO-6M receiver PCB conveniently had exposed PCB pads which were used to solder the 2 together forming a stack. An SMA connector was additionally soldered to the exposed pads on the receiver board to facilitate an external antenna when the unit is being used inside a vehicle for example. After some brackets and screws the unit is ready for integration. 

2x M3 inserts were inserted into the inside of the panel frame and secured with bolts and locking washers. (Note the white silicone in the background for the waterproofed N-connector feedthroughs, maintaining the case's IP-rating).