Operation mode concepts

A project log for Raspberry Pi SDR Cyberdeck

A portable, rugged, self-contained system to suit all your RF SIGINT needs in every environment.

Tom MladenovTom Mladenov 09/07/2020 at 20:200 Comments

This log entry covers the various operation modes that are currently being taken into account in designing the power routing and switching of the unit, as well as the usability and accessibility of the communications interfaces.

To operate the unit, several operational scenarios have been defined and have been separated into user modes and power modes, which can each be combined with each other.

User modes:

In the remote modes, the initial setup consists of opening the unit, configuring the desired power mode and then powering the Raspberry Pi. The screen does not need to be powered, saving energy. The unit can then be closed and is ready for remote operations.

Any of the above user modes can be combined with a power mode below.

Power modes: