COPXIE - chainable, dual 5*7 tiny led matrix

Small project inspired by #PIXIE. Software and Firmware compatible but using discrete LEDs instead of dot Matrix modules

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This project is inspired by #PIXIE - Chainable, Dual 5*7 Micro-LED Displays! 

@Lixie Labs did a great job of writing Firmware for the Attiny and building the whole Environment.

Some main Features:

  • compatible to Pixie
  • can use same Firmware on the Module
  • can use same Library to control them
  • using discrete LEDS instead of Dot Matrix Module
  • compatible Pin header but with some additional pins fore easier chaining.
  • Can be also Mixed with PIXIE in same chain

Interactive HTML-BOM

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Files to get your Stencil from or similar

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  • 1 × ATtiny45-20SU - Attiny 85 dooes work alos Microcontroller
  • 1 × IS31FL3730 Interface and IO ICs / Display InterfaceLEd-Matrix Driver
  • 70 × LED 0402 choose your color
  • 3 × Capacitor 100n 0603 10V X7R C2 is optional for sound input see schematic
  • 1 × Capacitor 220n 0603 10V X7R optional for sound input see schematic

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