CAT28F010P-12 megabit CMOS flash memory is a featured power electronic switching element. It is a high speed electrically erasable and programmable flash memory circuit chip. Ideally used for suited requirements with code updates. The content of the memory allocation is typically achieved in 0.5 seconds. The programming and erased input/output pins bus terminal specifications use two or three cycles schemes. During the writing operation I/O terminals latched switching circuits. 

Utsource CAT28F010P-12 Integrated Circuit Electronic chip 

It is especially designed to endure the maximum potential 100,000 program erase cycles with data retention of 10 years. CAT28F010P-12 is highly compatible and reliable for effective data transmission with fast read and write delay time. 

Key Features CAT28F010P-12: 

  1. Fast read and access time increases over load and minimum power dissipation 
  2. Use in commercial and industrial applications 
  3. 100,000 programmable erase and read cycles 
  4. high speed programming 
  5. Stop timer for programming and erase voltage regulation 
  6. Latched are provided for on-chip address allocation 
  7. Low power CMOS dissipation 

Pinout configuration and pinning information of CAT28F010P-12: 

The basic pinning information, pinout configuration and layout of CAT28F010P-12 is shown in the figure with respective terminal specification and functional operation 

CAT28F010P-12 Pinout configuration

The pinning information of the CAT28F010P-12 is listed as follows 

Pin number 


Pin description 



Memory addressing pins of CAT28F010P-12



Data input and output pins of CAT28F010P-12



Chip enable 



Output enable 



Write enable 


Voltage supply 


Ground pin


Programmable pin of CAT28F010P-12

This is the basic pinning information of CAT28F010P-12 with terminal specification, and functional working operation.

Applications of CAT28F010P-12: 

 As shown in the figure below it is used in automotive industrial applications and wide range of power switching circuits 

CAT28F010P-12 automotive circuit application

  1. Temperature sensitive power applications 
  2. Automotive industrial applications 
  3. Electronic signature applications 

CAT28F010P-12 Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to find the integrated circuit CAT28F010P-12 then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative if CAT28F010P-12 which shows similar function and thermal properties with differential characteristics. 

The replacement of CAT28F010P-12 is AM28F010

Equivalent part number of CAT28F010P-12: 

The equivalent part number of CAT28F010P-12 is UM61256CK


The Integrated Circuit chip CAT28F010P-12 is used for a wide range of engineering and power applications. Because of its good thermal stabilisation, it is used in commercial and industrial applications too. The data retention and delay time switch over load regulation makes it best for compatible fabrication and design.