Tica Net - electrified mosquito net

Openhardware electrified mosquito net to fight malaria (paludism)

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Malaria kills each year more than 400 000 people. Insecticide-treated nets had been really effective in decreasing the number of contamination, but mosquitos are developping a resistance against these chemicals.

Squitosplit is a mosquito net which detects if a mosquito has land on, and then shocks. The detection works with a capacitive technology.
The net is able to distinguish a human from a mosquito, avoiding shocking a human.

We are working with universities, NGO and companies to respond to local needs and to have feedbacks from experts.

We are unified in a non-profit. This project is openhardware/opensource.

If you want to play your part, contact us!

The mosquito net is made of aluminium yarns and aramid yarns (Kevlar)

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aldolo wrote 04/14/2021 at 02:14 point

don't you the fear to be electrocuted? last year i used regular nets on all the windows and doors. no insects in sight.

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Mattis EYNARD wrote 04/14/2021 at 07:05 point

Thank you for your comment!

We are developping systems to limit current, so there is no risk!

Regular nets work, but are not totally proof, so isn't sufficient to fight against malaria.

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