Build/Overall Design Video and Code Cleanup

A project log for MIDI-Controlled Slide Whistle

Uses an Arduino Due and a stepper motor + driver to control a slide whistle made of 3d printed parts and PVC pipe. Laser-cut base plate.

TheMixedSignalTheMixedSignal 08/22/2020 at 23:230 Comments

Added a build video in the project details!

Cleaned up the code a little bit:

--- took out some of the bits that were hanging out from other instruments).  

--- Have also modularized the step-taking to be a function call to keep the forever loop looking a little cleaner.


Plan on making the instructions a bit more detailed, and clearly defining the Bill of Materials.  Also need to add in the step file/build files the little laser cut "clip" piece that helps hold the two halves of the base plate together.