Finally Assembled!

A project log for Simple FM Repeater

A simple home brew FM ham radio repeater.

KD9KCKKD9KCK 09/21/2020 at 21:242 Comments

I finally assembled the board. 

I will be trying to program it over the next few weeks.


Martin wrote 09/23/2020 at 02:38 point

Programming software here -

There is configDra818() in the .ino file.  

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KD9KCK wrote 09/23/2020 at 03:00 point

I actually already have a library I am going to use. If this was a 2m repeater I could have it set up for working as an APRS Digipeater also. (Because I could program the RX on the TX side and the TX on the RX side.)

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