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A project log for Simple FM Repeater

A simple home brew FM ham radio repeater.

KD9KCKKD9KCK 09/26/2020 at 19:100 Comments

I have had this sitting on my USB for a while and just forgot to push it to github.

It firsts initializes all the needed pins then both radio modules before registering two interrupt routines. 

The interrupt routines are used for detecting when the RX radio gets a signal to trigger the TX radio.

The main loop does a check if its been on for too long. (Someone talking a long time with out unkeying) If this is the case it turns of the TX modules PTT. The next thing it does is the Identification.  I will probably have to add some sort of delay to this but I will figure that out when I have to.

I will be trying to program the module over the next week.