World's smallest external discharge ion thruster

Creation of smallest external discharge thruster at home for less than 100$

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After months of work I can share the results of expirement of building small hall effect thrusters at home. Firstly it isnt regular hall effect thruster, it is an XPT type thruster, that means it doesnt have erosion problems. I made CAD model in F360 and than printed it from SBS plastic, only 20 mm diamter base. Main thing in HET/XPT thrusters is magnetic configuration, you can read about that and many more on my website or twitter page .Controlling PCB is designed by me and uses Nodemcu v3 as main drive, It controls parameters of high voltage power supply (28v-1000v)Vacuum chamber is built from scrap parts but working fine on 3^-3 torr which isnt so deep pressure for HET to operate normally.Propellant is argon but it can be any noble gas or metal vapour. You can see results of test from the pic, it somehow worked but needs better wire insulation and deeper vaccum

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