Made a thing of >1 parts [and a demo video]

A project log for Minamil: a minimal CNC mill. And friends.

Each axis: ̶$̶5̶ ̶$̶8̶ $10 motor+lead screw, 3x LM6UU, 3x 6mm x 100mm rod, 1/8in hardboard, PC case screws

Paul McClayPaul McClay 11/23/2020 at 07:300 Comments

Made the leap from making parts to making a thing made of parts.

Spinning spider gears
differential from CNC milled gears and parts

At this point a major obstacle to getting enough info up here for you to build your own toy CNC mill is playing with it myself.

And making a three minute demo video -- a sub-project that took longer to make shorter. If I may say so myself, I like how this turned out:


Kiri:Moto (via Onshape integration) handled all the CAM. KM needed some coaxing to produce the toolpaths that I wanted, but sole developer Stewart Allen's current pace of work promises further improvement soon. Dunno whence his motivation but he's doing great service for amateur CAM!


Martin Molin got an idea in his head and made a machine that actually worked. Sort of. But not well enough to haul out and use at will. So now he's working on a new machine that isn't finished yet but already works very much better. That seems apropos. And he just (well, two weeks ago) announced free (with conditions) licensing to use Wintergatan tracks in non-commercial videos.