Byproduct of debugging Z repeatability

A project log for Minamil: a minimal CNC mill. And friends.

Each axis: ̶$̶5̶ ̶$̶8̶ $10 motor+lead screw, 3x LM6UU, 3x 6mm x 100mm rod, 1/8in hardboard, PC case screws

Paul McClayPaul McClay 09/26/2022 at 21:280 Comments

More ornamental than functional, but skimming ~50µm from copper-clad board still tests control of cutting depth.

Copper figures "over" (but not really over) blue acrylic paint. Made by first cutting the blue parts, painting, cutting the background, then sanding the paint off the remaining copper. Sanding carefully -- the first try ended with entirely removing the copper from one spot while trying to clear a minor blemish from another spot.