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    Step 1: PCB Assembly and Soldering

    Download the 5V Power Supply Kit Bill of Materials.

    Gather your 5V Power Supply Kit PCB and all required components listed in the BOM.

    It is especially important to follow the BOM exactingly as it tells you where to place the components on the PCB. The fifth column on the BOM is the “parts” column. This column designates which position on the PCB you need to place each component. For example, if under the parts column you have a resistor labeled r1 you would then find the position marked r1 on the PCB and place the resistor there.

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    Step 2: Connecting to the Builder Base

    You have two options for connecting the power supply to your Builder Base: you can use the male headers on the bottom of your PCB to stick it on the GND and VCC rails of a bread board, or you can use the jumper terminals located on the top of your power supply. Both options serve the same purpose, but one might work better for a given project than the other

    Wired Directly To Client:

    Wired Through Bread Board: 


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