An update from our Patreon supporters

A project log for Propel-E 450 | A very powerful windturbine

A 2m windturbine made from corn! Completely 3D-printable and open-source.

Bram Peirs @ fWtWBram Peirs @ fWtW 09/23/2020 at 10:520 Comments

Some of our Patreon supporters come to us with really great ideas! For example to make puzzle-like structures to ensure all pieces line up properly when glued together. This is the addition that one of our supporters made in OpenSCAD, unfortunately resulting in a non-manifold model.

We found the idea so great that we decided to implement it in our models (made with 3ds Max). The new versions will soon be online!

And the end-result:

Another addition was alignment pieces for the stator mould. Unfortunately this means 8 parts for the mould instead of 4, with the advantage of decreasing the room for error to almost zero! Which do you think is best? Leave your comment below!