A project log for Huvud, a 3D Printer Tool Head Controller Board

World's smallest (42x42mm) 3D printer controller board for use on a direct drive hotend. Made to run Klipper firmware.

pontus-borgPontus Borg 10/14/2020 at 05:501 Comment

Pushing the poor little board to its limits. It smells funny and I managed to burn my fingers, but it keeps on trucking! 

The stepper driver protests at these temperatures and stops moving the stepper for short moments. 

The MCU reaches about 80C, which is a good thing, the heat transfer works as designed. I wish I had a FLIR to do some more detailed analysis.

It has now reached a good enough state and I am getting quotes for some minor volume production. Next step is to make a test-jig to be able to program and test the produced boards in an efficient manner.


Pontus Borg wrote 10/17/2020 at 05:05 point

Just to clarify what is tested here, I'm running the steppers at 1.8A far more than it's designed to handle. Don't try this at home!
It works fine at lower currents. At 1.4A the board gets pretty hot, but still still within what the components can handle. At 1.2A it gets warm, and at 1A it's almost cool. The TMC2209 stepper driver is very efficient 

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