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A project log for GPS Clock

My entry to the circuit sculpture contest - A digital Clock which pulls its time from the Global Positioning System

matthew-james-bellafaireMatthew James Bellafaire 08/23/2020 at 18:400 Comments
For this project the schematic is pretty simple. It's just an I2C seven segment display and a GPS Module. I'm also throwing in some RGB lights to underlight the display. Ultimately I plan to have this entire circuit free-floating over a piece of wood. The Photo resistor is thrown in to reduce the backlight brightness depending on the room temperature. The buttons at the top of the schematic are meant to set the time offset, for the purposes of timezones and daylights saving. I'm using the ESP32 mostly just because I have a few modules laying around, this project could be recreated with almost any development board. 

I'm not planning on making this a huge project, This will most likely just be a weekend project.