List of parts and status currently tested/working/being developed for

Automatic Climatronic panel (With display)

VW variant - WIP
Škoda variant - Untested, but should be identical, except the color of the backlight
Seat variant - Untested, looks different, pinout might be the same

Instrument Cluster

VW Passat B5,5 - WIP
VW Golf 4 - Untested, but adressing should be identical
Seat Leon Mk1 - WIP, protocol might be different
Seat Ibiza Mk2  Facelift - Untested - should be identical as Leon Mk1
Škoda Octavia Mk1 Facelift, Tour - Untested, protocol might be different
Škoda Fabia Mk1 - Untested, adressing might be same as Octavia 1

VW/Škoda/Seat MFD - Standard radio using ISO Connectors.

Buttons - should all be the same, maybe different pinouts

Light switch + Dimmer - Currently using light switch from Octavia Mk2 until i get the right one from Passat. Should be identical in VW, Škoda Octavia and Seat cars. Škoda Fabia uses different one.

This project isn't intended to be used for driving any newer dashes eg. Octavia Mk2, Passat B6 etc. as these are different in almost every way. If you have any instrument cluster from a car, that isn't listed or Climatronic panel from unlisted car or the two Seat cars, please don't hesitate to message me. I didn't include any Audi cars, beacause the parts are expensive and different than any other VW AG brand ones. The Seat ones might be different as well, but they are at least easy to get.