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Reuse old computer monitors to display static documents or art.

Peter WalshPeter Walsh 08/26/2020 at 22:410 Comments

Work on the system is proceeding apace, I hope to get the project working in its initial form before the HAD prize cutoff in... let's see here... five days. EEK!

This is really a Hail Mary for the Hackaday prize, but if it keeps a bunch of monitors out of landfills I'll consider that a win.

I'm just now working up a RasPi configuration setup so that any user can install and configure the system without hassle. Here's how it'll work:

Press a button, and the system will stop the display server and set up an access point. When the user connects to the AP, any web page access will show the local configuration page. This will have panels that allow the user to set the system name, samba user and password, wifi configuration, and so on.

Rebooting, the system should have all the configuration settings the user needs to use the system.

To summarize:

1) Press a button on the RasPi

2) The LED blinks, indicating that the system is in config mode.

3) From another wifi-enabled device (phone, pad, laptop) the user will see a new AP with the same name as the RasPi system.

4) The user connects to the AP

5) Run any browser to see the configuration pages.

6) Set whatever configuration the user needs, such as the user's wifi password

7) Reboot the RasPi to go back to Display Server mode.