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A project log for Display Server

Reuse old computer monitors to display static documents or art.

peter-walshPeter Walsh 08/29/2020 at 23:031 Comment

I spent the day running up three working Display servers for picture taking.

Everything seems to be working, except for a lot of tiny details that need to be ironed out: the samba share doesn't have the right permissions, the target login user doesn't have access to the X-server display, the Pi 4 build doesn't work on a Pi 3 and vice versa (different wlan driver, I suspect, and a simple apt-get upgrade might fix this).

I haven't run down any of the details because I wanted to get images for the project.

Three days left, and I think what I'll do is finish most of the documentation and images, work the bugs out of the system up to the HAD prize deadline, then take a few days to decompress and clean up around the house.

Here's the money shot for the Display servers.


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