Comparison between Pi 0 and other solutions

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Raspberry Pi 0 W + High Quality Camera = High-quality USB Webcam!

Huan TruongHuan Truong 08/26/2020 at 01:160 Comments

Got some rough comparison, excuse the model, that's me.

Dell XP 13 2019 Webcam

iPhone SE 2020 front camera

DSLR (Sony NEX 5R)

Show-me-webcam Pi 0 Cam + HQ Camera

For my untrained eyes, the quality of the Pi cam is way better than a laptop webcam but a little bit worse than a dedicated camera. It does bokeh very well and has a fixed focus so I would consider it a plus rather than a minus. The camera outputs a consistent 30fps on Windows and Linux, but it does not work on macOS for some reason.

I suppose it is possible to improve the firmware/software even more. For example, we can make it so the webcam auto-pans to the face. Or maybe we can warn the user when the webcam is out of focus. Or maybe we can even replace the background. However, those are the niceties that can be added later.