Volume Meter is an Equalizer in the Music systems. In which lights dancing (LEDs) can be seen according to the song, if the song is loud, it reaches its height and stays low in low music.Volume Meter or VU meter PCB design is designed, with the aid of MIC, OP-AMP and LM3914, which glows the LEDs according to sound power, if sound is small, less LEDs will glow, and if sound is High more LEDs will glow, it will also serve as a volume measuring instrument.

Components Required:

  • Op-amp LM358 and, LM3914 (10 bit comparator),
  • 100KΩ resistor (2 pieces), 1K Ω resistor (3 pieces), 10KΩ resistor, 47KΩ pot,
  • 100nF capacitor (2 pieces), 1000µF capacitor, 10 LEDs,
  • Breadboard and some connector wires.


PCB design

3D model

Find All the above hardware components as follows:

Ordering the PCBs From JLCPCB

Full Process is shown using Screenshots Step-wise.

Full Process is shown using Screenshots Step-wise.

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To get the PCB manufactured, upload the gerber file you downloaded in the last step. Upload the.zip file or you can also drag and drop the gerber files.

After uploading the zip file, you’ll see a success message at the bottom if the file is successfully uploaded.

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