Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi (Model B) Will later be substituted with some microcontroller.
1 × Power Supply Unit - Voltek SPEC7188B Simple, ATX like, power supply. Final version shall work on accumulators.
1 × Linear slide from old CD/DVD drive
1 × ULN 2803A Darlington Array Drives the ink cartridge.
1 × 74HCT4094 Shift register Serial in, parallel out, 8-bit.
1 × MC34063A Switching regulator Power Management ICs / Switching Regulators and Controllers
1 × Low ESR electrolytic capacitors Different sizes for switching regulator.
1 × 1N5819 Schottky diode Also used in switching regulator
1 × Inductors Different sizes for switching regulator.
1 × Resistors Different sizes, used everywhere.
1 × Breadboard For prototyping.
1 × Ink cartridges: Canon PG-540XL, Geha H11, HP C6602A The final cartridge will be choosen by usability.