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Goal of this project was to create gripper that could sense forces by measuring current thru BLDC motor.

It is based on my S-Drive BLDC driver and i planned to use it as a gripper for Faze4 robotic arm.
To be able to measure forces and have compliance I needed to use BLDC motors and low gear reduction.

On top of that I used TPU gripping tools that work really great for securing good grip on any kind of objects.

But this project was partial failure since gripper can grip stuff for short time only, but that can be fixed by using stronger motor. So this is great project for someone that wants to modify it to work long term!

Files are on Github: https://github.com/PCrnjak/Compliant-robotic-gripper

As you can see in the video gripper is capable of gripping stuff like eggs and not breaking them.

Mechanical design of gripper:

This is main body of gripper. Part with 4 holes and one in the middle is where BLDC goes and on top of that S-Drive BLDC driver. Part with gear is orbit gear of planetary gearbox.

This part is output shaft with planet gears. It goes in orbit of top part.

Once output shaft with planets is in we can place lid on top of it.

This is motor i used. As you can see it is small and way too weak for this. On the bottom you can see gear that transmits motion thru another gear to the sun of planetary gearbox. Also you can see diametrically magnetised magnet on that gears shaft. Magnet is used for encoder. 

Now I inserted BLDC in case and after that goes the gear for sun shaft and gripper bars.

Now types of gripper tools can be changed.