Mesh Networked Plant Sensors

Plant sensor modules mesh networked with a bridge to Raspberry pi posting MQTT messages which get logged to MySQL

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A collection of D1 mini lite boards set up as a mesh network using painlessmesh. Currently each node takes a reading every minute of air temperature, humidity, air pressure, soil temperature, soil_moisture, and 4 different light measurements using Adafruit Tsl2591, BME280, and Stemma Soil Moisture Sensors.

One node on the mesh network is set up as a gateway to home network posting all messages broadcasted to Mosquitto MQTT broker set up on Raspberry pi with python script listening to thread and posting messages to MySQL db.

I have a simple Flask app that worked for an earlier version of this project.  I'm in the process of deciding whether to rework this app to work with the current set up or to work on integrating with something like Home Assistant or OpenHab.

The earlier versions of this project ran entirely on Raspberry Pi and would automatically water when needed using a peristaltic pump.  To do some longer term testing of the new mesh network I abandoned the watering feature and currently am only setting up sensor modules.

Once I have the logging portion working correctly and a better idea how to visualize data and have some basic controls, I plan on adding watering back to the project.  Probably with the Raspberry Pi server handling all of the logic and passing messages to the D1 boards to trigger a pump and water.

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