Smart Automated Home Cleaner

This is a DIY home cleaner. It can be controlled remotely. It works on a ESE circuit which let it be controlled. This is a smart cleaner.

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This is a remote controlled automated room cleaner. It works on its own and it’s super handy. Basically, it cleans and wipes out dirty floors. But it can also clean dirty utensils in your kitchen.

In the project, we have used 4 gear motors with 4 wheels. The rear wheels are the propellers. The move forward and backward. But the wheels in the front are put in horizontal mode and attached to cleaning materials like foams. One if the front wheels turns clockwise and the other rotates counterclockwise. In this way it moves forward and cleans any hard stain or filth.

The machine, can stick to any particular place and it can also rotate in a circular orbit. You can move it to ant position you like. For the front motors, two 3.7v batteries have been use in combination. And for the rear motors, there is a 7.4v Lippo battery attached to the surface.

In fact, it’s a DIY project concept. So, the materials used as the body or frame of the machine are affordable.


Short video of the project

MPEG-4 Video - 29.54 MB - 08/31/2020 at 02:07


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