A project first picked by Hackaday, then by Bill Gates

A project log for Solar Scare Mosquito 2.0

An IoT device to monitor and prevent epidemics such as Malaria, Dengue and the Zika Virus.

pranavPranav 08/31/2020 at 13:470 Comments

A few years ago, I had designed a low-cost, solar-powered device to eliminate mosquito-larvae in stagnant water bodies such as water tanks, swamps and micro dams.

The project was first picked up by Hackaday from Instructables, then by Wired Magazine, and finally shared by Bill Gates on Twitter! 

During the lockdown period in France, while witnessing a pandemic take over the world by surprise, I decided to take up once again this project, but this time to build upon it an IoT platform for an early-warning system for all mosquito-borne epidemics. 

Wired Magazine Article:

Can't thank Hackaday enough for popularizing the Solar Scare Mosquito 1.0!