Thermal Cam Assembly

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Is it possible to build a precise Fluorescence Imaging Device at home?

MaykeMayke 04/06/2021 at 21:100 Comments

I finally got my hands on a Flir Lepton 3.5 via GroupGets and I couldn't resist to see what happened when hitting a strawberry plant with a very strong actinic light (Deep Blue 450nm @ 6000+ µmols/s/m2). But before that, I had to mount the camera somehow. I am using the tiny Mini-Pro JST-SR carrier board and I struggled a bit to figure out how to attached it to the aluminium plate. For starters, the Mini-Pro does have some holes, but these are 1.2mm in diameter (Good luck finding spacers with that threading). So, I cut a small piece of acrylic and used some good ol' glue along with 2mm spacers. The trick was to solder pins to the board and then insert them into the metals spacers being filled with lead while holding the solder to keep the lead liquid. 

The Camera after all the glue was dried :)

Checking that after the whole mess with solder and glue, the camera still worked.

Finally, a video showing thermal quenching with a strawberry plant. What's happening is that the excess of energy is being dissipated as heat by the plant. 

Stay tuned for the next updates!