Free form lighthouse

Circuit sculpture project inspired from the first hackaday circuit sculpture contest.

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Its a lighthouse with a large LED on top that fades on and off. Very simple circuit design, a 555 timer circuit which turns a transistor on and off. There is also a voltage regular circuit since I'm using 12vdc input.

As for project planning, there wasn't much. I included the ms paint drawing I throw together to lay out the parts. Kludgy at best...

Currently the lighthouse sits on a shelf with WiFi controlled power connected to it. Its integrated into my openhab home automation server so whenever I get a phone call, the lighthouse activates!

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Mike Szczys wrote 09/14/2020 at 21:29 point

The cage at the top really makes this one pop with the shape of the brass and the LED reflecting off of it. Can you post a photo with the lights dimmed a bit?

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