Depthlist v2

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yann-guidon-ygdesYann Guidon / YGDES 12/09/2020 at 22:080 Comments

One year after 27. DepthLists and I'm back on the subject. The old code is being replaced with new, better data structures, thanks to the hindsight gained since the first version. The basic principle doesn't change much but it now includes the outputs of the backwards and the DFF gates at the level 0. I also want to use a more unified memory allocation approach, similar to what I used for the sinklist, with a large chunk of memory containing all the lists in a compact sequential way.

I can ensure that the lists are well sorted by using "insertion sort" with linked lists for example, then the linked lists are transformed into normal lists. It's easy because we already know the number of gates and input ports. We don't know the maximum depth in advance though and temporary dynamic allocation seems necessary.

A new subtlety appears with the DFF and backwards gates : although they are counted as drivers along with the inputs, they are also sinks and should be considered as such as well. We want to know how many gates are traversed before reaching the DFF's input and this sink gate appears at the end side of the depthlist.


Some coding and thinking brought a new fresh idea and structure to the "depthlist" complex:

The good news is I got rid of the linked lists ! Though this makes deletion/insertion less convenient.