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This project is intended to aid special education teachers in order to continue math classes remotely to visually impaired children via a cost defective IoT haptic platform and also to bring the possibility of such education to millions of kids in remote difficult access places, like the ones we have in our own country Guatemala, we intend to empower human beings thorough the awesome power of math and science.

Math education is hard, i want you to memorize a simple math operation 

say: ten plus five equals five. 

ok now close your eyes and repeat the same operation.

what did  you imagined? now try thinking of that operation in anything other than a numbers (10+5=15) 

according to the WHO "Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a vision impairment or blindness"

"Distance vision impairment:

  • Mild – presenting visual acuity worse than 6/12
  • Moderate – presenting visual acuity worse than 6/18
  • Severe – presenting visual acuity worse than 6/60
  • Blindness – presenting visual acuity worse than 3/60"

More than 80% of those children live in third world countries and 10% in the western world. 

Imagine teaching math to children with visual disabilities, now imagine teaching them remotely. there are no proper platforms that bring the combination of right tools to enable remote distance learning massively and cost effectively to children in urban areas not to mention those in remote or hard to reach areas. 

We will change that. Ed1nR MVP  is the first of a set of  cost effective opensource tools aimed at filling the void for inclusive remote education designed around the experience of special education teachers aimed for massive reach via the awesome power of IoT. 

We want to create an opensource connected ecosystem aimed at filling the gap in education for millions if not billions of children world wide. 

Our solution is comprised of a pair of haptic gloves running an ESP32, a stand alone app running on a raspberry pi that doubles as an  IoT gateway an Wifi AP and a cloud solution platform. 


Edin Usher V2 Eaglecad Schematics

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Edin Usher Project OSHPARK Gerber Files

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Edin Usher v2 Eaglecad board files

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  • 1 × TinyPICO tiny ESP32 Designed for low power operation
  • 2 × MAX6817EUT+T Logic ICs / Other Logic ICs
  • 2 × 3D Printed Cases Cases for tiny pico controllers and batteries.
  • 2 × 800mAh Lipo Bateries. Batteries for each wirst controller.
  • 5 × DRV2603RUNR Haptic Driver with Auto Resonance Tracking for LRA and Optimized Drive for ERM

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  • Raspberry pi 4 + Angular

    Kestler09/18/2020 at 23:49 0 comments

    although both ESP32 glove platforms could be connected directly via WiFi to the cloud via google cloud pub/sub services a decision was made to implement a raspberry pi 4 as a local standa alone app server and remote gateway so that a teacher could locally connect to the education platform from a device say cellphone or tablet in case no internet service is actually available and could be use as a stand alone face-to-face platform and if internet service is available then all local communications are replicated to the cloud. 

    having a local stand alone gateway also gives the possibility of recording the transactions locally and then replicating them later to the cloud for remote supervision.  it also serves as a OTA update service repository. 

  • Velcro Tape!

    Kestler09/02/2020 at 19:12 0 comments

    First Prototype: Gloves but we have 2 problems

    1) one hand size does not fit all.

    2) finger tip sensory reduction (important for other task)

    solution Velcro Tape

    Already one side with strong adhesive to hold in place cables and linear motors, also Velcro is comfortable and fingertips are left open.  they can be resized on the go. by simply tightening the Velcro belts around the fingers. 

    Velcro is also cheap and abundant and commercially available. 

  • Understanding the problem, digitizing a solution

    Kestler09/01/2020 at 02:16 1 comment

    Design of project:

    Basic Design of remote education solution was built around the understanding of a method to teach math to children with visual disabilities, witch is the teacher inputs censorial impulses via the hands of the student (making pressure) in different parts and patterns of the fingers to represent different operations and numbers, numbers 1 to 10 are counted making pressure to the fingers (Units, Tens, Hundreds, Hundreds thousands are signaled to left fingers in left had and different operation signal as plus (+) minus (-) multiplication (*) divition (/) and (=) are also signaled through the left hand variation of the pulse length and frequency of pressure over the left hand fingers. 

    so a teacher would input the operation 1 + 1 = 2  as pressure in right had little finger, then single short pressure in little finger left had (+) and then again a pressure in right had  little finger the a pressure left hand thumb (=) and then annular finger pressure to indicate (#2) and so on he teacher would use his voice to further indicate each number and signal. then the student mus reply the hole operation and then gradually he would be asked only the question ans he would have to reply only the answer part.

    Mayor draw back of this method is that it requires one teacher and one student as well as physical contact of each other to be able to input and read output of each operation and number.

    to digitize this we made a sort of glove with 3M Velcro tape and use a set of coin linear buzzers positioned above the middle of each finger to vibrate to signal input, and some tactile buttons in the middle part of the fingers so students can reply the answer. 

    We used Velcro Tape and not regular gloves as hands are not all one fit all and Velcro allows for rapid modification with out sacrificing commodity of wear.

    each button and buzzer are connected to a ESP32 micro controller witch interprets the digital signals and outputs an PWM signal to the buzzer each hand has a micro controller and both of them are connected via wifi to a Raspberry ¨Py 4 witch acts as an internet gateway and also contains an angular app so it can function in offline mode. 

    the math app allows the teacher to connect any mobile device or computer to the raspigateway via wifi lan and open the angular local app to enable teachers to send the impulses either to a single pair of gloves or to all the gloves connected via MQTT Messaging, since MQTT is an publish subscribe protocol, if connected to WiFi that has Internet Aveleble all messaging is cloned and sent via internet to a central web platform where a techer can later access and either review or command new operation instructions with out having to developed a separate system. so the solution can work online and offline either one (teacher) to one (student) or One (teacher) to many Students.  

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Billeyn wrote 10/16/2020 at 14:59 point

The present invention shows great technical progress in the field of education, as it greatly simplifies the learning process for certain categories of students with disabilities.
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Jon wrote 09/02/2020 at 18:10 point

Reminds me of a project I had the honor of seeing during the 2019 science fair circuit. I think there are even wider applications for your design and it's probably worth reviewing the project below to consider other possible applications and/or design refinements/enhancements!

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