SY6545A-1 is an electronic device component used for the controlling of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) for interfacing the microprocessor families and CRT scan display switching circuits. It is used to operate several modes of division and operational functions. The designer can fabricate the best circuit modal with the help SY6545A-1 and assortment techniques related to the SY6545A-1. 

Utsource SY6545A-1 Integrated Circuit chip

The Interface of SY6545A-1 is so simple and compatible for the designer and reduces the complexity to great extent for high optimisation and switching implementation. All the inputs give the circuit protection and damage due to high static design and prevent unnecessary excess voltage applications in the allowable limits. The pinning design and fabrication of SY6545A-1 is so simple and compatible for the user and reduces the complex connection during the replacement and other technical issues during the connections of circuitry components. 

Key Features of SY6545A-1: 

  1. The power supply voltage is 5 V 
  2. Alphanumeric and limited graphic capabilities 
  3. It is operated at the frequency range of 50-60 Hz
  4. External very light capability 
  5. No DMA required 
  6. Pin compatible for SY6545A-1
  7. Internal status registers 
  8. Video display RAM with perfect configuration 

Pinout configuration and pinning information of SY6545A-1: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of SY6545A-1 is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specifications and layout characteristics 

SY6545A-1 Pinning information

As shown in the figure it consists of 40 pins layout terminal specifications. 

Applications of SY6545A-1: 

As shown in the figure below it is used in the microprocessor product and experimentation technology 

SY6545A-1 Microprocessor Board

  1. Electronic switching circuit board 
  2. Power electronic regulation circuit 
  3. Variable electronic devices 

SY6545A-1 Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to find the Integrated Circuit SY6545A-1 then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of SY6545A-1 which shows similar functional, thermal, and electrical specifications. 

So the replacement of SY6545A-1 is SY6545

You can use this IC SY6545 in the replacement of SY6545A-1 because it shows same functional and thermal characteristics. The wide rage of engineering and other electronic components also can be designed with the help of SY6545A-1. 

Equivalent Part Number of SY6545A-1: 

The equivalent part number of SY6545A-1 is SY6545


The Integrated Circuit SY6545A-1 is used for the wide range of applications because of its high compatibility and effective functioning. It is highly recommended and for the industrial applications microprocessor products and power switching circuits.