Side project: Soldering iron stand

A project log for Soldering station for Weller RTP/RTM/RTU tips

A soldering station designed to work effortlessly with Weller RT pico, RT micro and RT Ultra tips.

Alex WongAlex Wong 09/24/2020 at 11:270 Comments

As I was going to design the station housing, iron handle etc. I thought I might as well design a proper stand for the tips as well.

The result is a soldering iron stand that works with RTP, RTM and RTU tips. To my surprise, the stand works very well with the TS80 and TS100 too! I am sure the later two in the compatibility list would make this design appeal to a large audience, so I decided to publish the design on thingiverse as well, which is my first time.

The iron rest can be tilted within a 25 degree range, and is printed in PPS, a wonderful FDM material that is wayyyyy underrated. I believe this is the highest temperature resistant plastic that can still be printed with an open-frame FDM printer, unlike filaments like PEI and PEEK. You could print PPS on a stock Prusa i3 MK3 and the resulting part would work in temperatures upwards of 200 deg C. Perhaps I'll share the print settings if there are interest in the material. Oh and did I also mention PPS is reasonably priced at 27USD per kg? I love PPS.

Link to the thingiverse thing here:

(It might take 24 hours from the time of publishing of this article before you can access the thing, I am a new thingiverse user)