4-20mA, IO, modbus RTU, modbus TCP in ESP32

2 port 4-20mA, 2 port 0-10V, 4in isolation, 4 out relay 10A, modbus RTU (RS485), modbus TCP (Lan ethernet), WiFi ESP32, arduino

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Who will join me in producing it?

ESP32 Dual core, WiFi, BLE
2 ports 4-20mA ADC 16bit
2 ports 0-10V ADC 16bit
4 digital input ports are isolated.
4 relay 10A output ports
1 RS485 port for Modbus RTU
1 Ethernet LAN port for internet connection and modbus TCP / IP
upload code via micro USB, using CP2102.
Power supply 4 to 35V DC
Overcurrent and overvoltage protection at the input terminals.
Plastic case can mount din rail.
The participants will get me sharing altium files (schematic and pcblayout), I will put your logo on each of your boards.
I also have sample code for you to fully master it for industrial, smart farm applications. Such as: MQTT, Blink, read write modbus, read input, write output.

Announced prices: $ 80 / 1pcs, $ 150 / 2pcs, $ 220 / 3pcs, $ 270/4p

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