The N-Channel depletion BF245B is a power electronic switching component. It is used in the VHF/UHF and power amplifier circuits. The audio generation and modulation of circuit simulation is transmitted with the high quality and clarity signal. Users can set the timer and set voltage regulation with high load source power and simulation techniques. BF245B is highly compatible and reliable for power electronic switching and amplification circuits. 

utsource BF245B Integrated Circuit 

The electrical characteristics and switching ON and OFF power regulation electronic simulation techniques are best suitable for the soothing clarity noise over flow and saturation voltage specification with differential characteristics. 

Key Features of BF245B: 

  1. The drain source voltage is optimum up to +30 V
  2. The drain current of the BF245B is 100 mA
  3. The forward gate current regulation and modulation is best suitable power switching 
  4. Optimum storage temperature of BF245B is -65 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius 
  5. Small signal current gain and voltage simulation specifications are optimum 

Pinout configuration and layout of BF245B: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of BF245B is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specifications, characteristics specifications 

BF245B Layout 

The pinning information of the circuit is listed as follows 

BF245B pinning information 

Pin number 

Pin name 

Pin description 

Pin 1

Gate pin 

Gate pin is the basic terminal pin of BF245B

Pin 2

Source pin 

The source is voltage regulation pin 

Pin 3

Drain pin 

The drain pin is high potential pin 

So this is the basic pining information and layout configuration of BF245B with gate, source and drain pins. 

Applications of BF245B: 

As shown in the figure below it is used in audio amplifier electronic circuits and differential power amplification electronic modules

BF245B amplifier board

  1. It is used in power amplifier circuit 
  2. UHF and VHF circuits 
  3. Basic simulation electronic modules 

BF245B Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to get the Integrated Circuit BF245B then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of BF245B which shows similar functional and thermal properties of BF245B. 

The replacement of BF245B is BF245A

Equivalent part number of BF245B: 

The equivalent part number of BF245B is BF245A


The integrated circuit model BF245B is used for the VHF and UHF power amplifier and electronic simulation circuits because of the compatible design and high load driver flow saturation voltage applications. It is highly effective and compatible for the in board connection and replacement by the user.