Revived Vacuum Fluorescent Display Clock

Revived Vacuum Fluorescent Display Clock

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With a passion to old vacuum fluorescent display tubes display technologies I have built a VFD tube clock which I would like to present for your review. If you like colorful neon tubes as they appear in the streets of big cities in the dark of the night, you will be thrilled to have such a tube clock. It will trigger in you memories associated with those retro times when neon lighting was the technological innovation. A distinctive design, precise time keeping and a modern electronics inside - all this is offered by this model.

This Tube Clock is supplied completely assembled and tested with six IV-11 VFD tubes.
It runs by electricity from in-house 110/220V power socket as usual, but also has an integrated Lithium battery, so that there are no problems in case of power outages.

The VFD tubes show the time and date, they have a beautiful floor lighting and when changing the hours/minutes/seconds there are eyes-cathcing and very attractive effects.

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