Squeal & Scrape


DIY electronic musical instrument The instrument is a combination of piezo disc as contact microphone to 9v battery-powered LM386 amplifier PCB to loudspeaker. Overdriven textures and feedback are easy to produce, difficult to control, fun to play with.

Squeal & Scrape actives listening to instrument as it works in an environment.


Squeal & Scrape is a DIY electronic musical instrument. It is a version of a circuit called the smokey amp which is a version of the schematic on the LM386 IC datasheet.

The build consists of a portable, battery-powered amplifier and a contact microphone, which can be used to create howling feedback (Squeal) and/or reveal the sounds of everyday objects through touch and movement (Scrape).

The project is suitable for DIY enthusiasts, audio technicians, music producers and anyone interested in experimenting with electronic sound.