The Integrated Circuit TA8207K is used in the mono audio amplifier electronic circuit module which is used in most automotive car and home audio applications such as the power amplifiers and subwoofers. 

The single channel power signal can be transferred and produced with the help of a mono amplifier circuit which is highly suited for the low frequency design and simulation of subwoofers.  

The efficiency and stability of the Mono Audio amplifier integrated with TA8207K maintains good electrical current and resistance for the maximum power transmission wired together with efficient performance. Today we are going to see the design and practical connection of the Mono Audio amplifier with the help of TA8207K, so without any further delay let’s get started. 


The mono audio amplifier is used to transmit the single audio generating frequency simulation so the mono audio amplifier integrated with the help of TA8207K is not suitable for the Stereo Music. So the mono audio amplifier is used for the transmission and power delivery to a single speaker. So the principle of Mono Audio amplifiers is simple: it produces low frequency sounds that can be heard very well with good quality transmission and no loss of attenuation.  

The mono audio amplifier fabricated and designed with the help of TA8207K produces good sound quality and transmission property.  

Components required: 

  1. TA8207K Integrated circuit (1) 
  1. 1000uF Capacitor (1) 
  1. 220uF Capacitor (1) 
  1. 100uF Capacitor (1) 
  1. 47uF Capacitor (1) 
  1. 22uF Capacitor (1) 
  1. 10k Resistor (1) 
  1. Speaker 4-8 Ohms 
  1. Aux Cable 

10.12V Power Supply 

Step by step Procedure:  

1: Short circuit the TA8207K 3rd pin and 12th pin and connect 220uF Capacitor to the pin 4 and 100uF capacitor to the pin 10 and pin 11 as shown in the figure below. 

2: Now connect the Aux Cable following the 22uf Capacitor with a 10k resistor which is by passed and connected to the pin 7 of TA8207K Integrated Chip  

3: Take Speaker of configuration 4-8 Ohms and connect the positive terminal to the 100uf Capacitor which is followed by 1000uf Capacitor and connect negative terminal of speaker to the pin 9 of IC TA8207K and ground  

4: Cross check your connections and connect your Aux cable stereo to the source generating frequency signals it can be your smartphone, laptop, or any other device.  

5: Now you will get the good quality minimum attenuation of high frequency signals by giving low frequency response from the input terminal. 

Equivalent Part Number of TA8207K:

The equivalent part number of TA8207K  is ID65714 


The Mono Audio amplifier fabricated and designed with the help of TA8207K is highly compatible and cost effective, producing high quality frequency generating signals. So don’t resist yourself, just make your personal mono audio amplifier electronic...

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