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Scaleable greenhouse automation.

We're growing a lot of plants; watering and regulating lighting takes enough effort to warrant automation. This is being done indoors using a rack based system.

This page is to document our efforts, share what did and did not work as well as provide accurate representations of cost and results. This is not an inexpensive nor easy endeavor, the goal is to develop an actual product/kit which you will be able to buy on Tindie.

Please see the links section for regularly updated spreadsheets and other information.

Steveland 9/7/2020


NASA Plants in space

Related NASA research

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Arduino Related Files

Arduino files and research

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  • Concept Page

    David Troetschel09/07/2020 at 21:13 0 comments

    Steveland is based off a book by Sue Burke; "Semiosis"

    The idea of a garden automation product has been of interest for some time, we sat down and thought about desired features and a concept was generated based off of some cross-over technologies and related products aiming for a "megatech" solution.

    A modular cartridge idea was ideated and concept page made:

    The objective was then to reign in the concept and try to achieve the same results with mostly off the shelf components.

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Ali Ghane wrote 09/08/2020 at 20:15 point

great work. would you please those file again. they cant be download

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